Saturday, March 18, 2023

Fr Daniel johnson, R.I.P.

 It was six years ago today -- 18 March -- that our beloved Fr Daniel Johnson died.  Fr Hugh, who spoke at Fr Johnson's funeral Mass, gave this lovely image:   Father Johnson died on the 18th of March. St Patrick, whose feast was Father Johnson's last full day on earth, took his left hand, and St Joseph, whose feast was Father's first full day in eternity, took his right hand and they led him to the judgement seat of the Merciful Judge.

Linked below are a few of the things I was thinking at the time.   Some of my grumpy whinges are no longer . . . hmm, what shall I say?  "Valid" isn't quite the word.  They certainly still apply to the circumstances of the time. Up-to-date,  is I suppose, more appropriate.   For a start, circumstances have changed.  There is a new bishop of the Diocese of Orange.  And the authentic rite of the Roman Mass is back at St Mary's.  

In any event, herewith the said links:

Fr Johnson's Funeral Mass

The Last Usus Authenticus Mass at St Mary's (but only for a while, as it turned out).

 A Miracle?   Maybe, maybe not.  Nice co-incidence, though.  And Custodes Traditionis,  or whatever it's called,  to the contrary notwithstanding, the Old Mass continues at St Mary's.

I would actually get no thanks from Fr Johnson for that last linked post.  He wanted prayers for his soul, not do-it-yourself canonisations.   So I shall comply with his wishes now.  You can too, if you've got a minute or two.


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