Tuesday, October 12, 2021

12 October -- St Wilfred

 It is indeed St Wilfred's Day today.  At least in the Ordinariate calendar it is.

I mention it because he was apparently a great object of Fr Frederick William Faber's devotion and I am rather fond of Fr Faber.  In his first days as a Roman Catholic he started a religious brotherhood dedicated to St Wilfred, known by the few who knew of them, as the Wilfredites.  It was rather successful for a while but eventually he and some of the Wilfredite brothers joined Fr Newman's Oratorians.

If you want to know more about St Wilfred you can find more than you probably wanted to know in a Wikipedia article here.   There's a largish piece in the good old Catholic Encyclopædia, too.  (It's by Fr Bowden, who knew Fr Faber.  It's here.)  But the Wikipedia one is gigantic.   (Although . . . one  never knows who's been tinkering with Wikipedia articles.  Caveat lector.)


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