Sunday, November 08, 2020

This Morning's Lection from Mattins

In the Ordinariate Divine Office Maccabees is appointed to be read this time of the year.  This morning's reading seemed .  .  .  appropriate.  This portion is from the first book, the second chapter in Msgr  Knox's translation:

Meanwhile, the life of Mattathias was drawing to an end. And this charge he gave to his sons: Here be days when tyrant and blasphemer have their will, when all is calamity and bitter retribution. The more reason, my sons, why you should be jealous lovers of the law, ready to give your lives for that covenant your fathers knew. Your fathers, what deeds they did in their time! Great glory would you win, and a deathless name, let these be your models. 

Here be days, indeed.



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