Sunday, November 08, 2020

S Thomas More Proposes A Plea from the Holy Souls

 To  all good Christian people:  In most piteous wise continually calleth and crieth upon your devout charity and most tender pity for help and comfort, and relief your late acquaintance, kindred, spouses, companions, play-fellows and friends and now your humble and unacquainted and half-forgotten suppliants, poor prisoners of God, silly souls in Purgatory here abiding and enduring the grievous pains and hot cleansing fire that corrodes and burneth off the rusty and filthy spots of sins, till the mercy of Almighty God, the rather by your good and charitable means, vouchsafe to deliver us hence.

-Supplication of Souls, S Thomas More (via "The Heart of Thomas More", selections compiled by E.E. Reynolds)


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