Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Lost in Piping

Auntie did eventually put up the videos of both the qualifiers and the final medley competition performances for this year's Worlds. You can find them all here with a little clicking and poking about. The one above is St Laurence O'Toole's medley and what a wonderful piece of musicianship it is. You can listen to this dozens of times (I may have) and still find something new. It's beautifully constructed and builds seamlessly to an exciting climax. Alas, they didn't win; that honour went to Field Marshal Montgomery, who did indeed put in an excellent performance.

And that's what we've been doing the last week: listening to the Worlds performances over and over. In front of the computer, anyway. And there hasn't been that much of that, either. As has been pointed out over the years, the office in the corner room where the PC is located and The Inn goes forth to meet the world is not air conditioned. The temperature of late has been in the 90s and the humidity has been in the 90s so we have been abandoning the office as the temperature rises and retreating to the one room that is air conditioned.

Which limits posting considerably.


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