Friday, August 19, 2011

I got my office back. . . .

Well, some of it anyway. The desk is back and the computer is hooked up again. With any luck, not to be unplugged again until the inevitable planned obsolescence kicks in. The little book case is still out back along with its contents, and assorted other odds and ends. But I have my desk, my desk chair, my PC, and the big comfy chair in the corner. A semblance of order is returning here in the northwest quadrant of the ancestral manse.

Meanwhile the sink and the countertops are gone in the kitchen until next week. At which time the painters will finish up with the kitchen and the bathroom and the cabinets will be installed.

That? Oh, that's not the office. That's the den, a.k.a., The Library. It's the only room looking moderately respectable, at least from one angle. The PC in the picture belongs to Herself, but the monitor has gone all wonky so the books are the only functioning sources of information.

The new window coverings* are being installed as we speak. The fellow installing them is standing on my desk drilling holes in the woodwork. I think it may be time to take a moment and retire to what remains of our kitchen for an iced tea or something.

*Yes, "window coverings". They were blinds and shades and curtains when I was a boy. But now they're window coverings. We're terribly sophisticated here at The Inn.


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