Sunday, January 16, 2011

Anglican Ordinariates Again

I've also been spending an inordinate amount of time following the new Anglican Ordinariate in England. It is now an accomplished fact. Up until last Saturday there was nothing for Anglicans so inclined to join. As of last Saturday, there is the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, headed by Msgr Keith Newton. This is really wonderful news. . .something that this Pope seems to make happen on a regular basis.

There is so much on the web about it, it's difficult to know where to start citing. Perhaps here. This is the Mulier Fortis blog with several good citations for further reading. And don't miss The Ordinariate Portal (which is where I got the Mulier Fortis link). And The Anglo-Catholic is an excellent source, too. Scroll down at either site for lots of informative - and inspiring - posts.

Happy liturgical minutiæ: somewhere on the web I found it reported that Fr Burnham's 'first Mass' was in Latin from the Sursum Corda to the communion, using the Roman Canon said silently.

[ADDENDUM: Found it. The happy liturgical minutiæ was from Fr Hunwicke's excellent blog here.]


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