Friday, May 21, 2010

Some Piping for the Weekend

This weekend's piping is courtesy of Molly's blog The Thousandth Time. A few days ago she posted this link to The National Piping Centre which has put up several samples of traditional music of the American south with piping accompaniment. Most of the pipes are Scottish small pipes and border pipes with a couple of Highland pipe pieces. The page of samples is. . . .

. . . an online supplement to the Mountain Piping feature in issue 45 of Piping Today magazine. The feature gives an insight to the musical and historical traditions of American old-time music and the influence of pipe music on the tradition. Written by Timothy Cummings, author of An Appalachian Collection, he explores the growing interest many American pipers are showing in playing old-time music and playing along with other old-time musicians.

The material and links below will give you further points of reference and examples of tunes and music to take your interest further.


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