Monday, February 08, 2010

Found While Looking for Something Else

This morning's find is here because it fit in so well with yesterday's meditation topic. So probably not an astonishing co-incidence for you. But it caught my attention rather forcefully. So, herewith from the Reverend George Herbert:


I cannot skill of these thy ways.
Lord, thou didst make me, yet thou woundest me;
Lord, thou dost wound me, yet thou dost relieve me:
Lord, thou relievest, yet I die by thee:
Lord, thou dost kill me, yet thou dost reprieve me.
But when I mark my life and praise,
Thy justice me most fitly pays:
For, I do praise thee, yet I praise thee not:
My prayers mean thee, yet my prayers stray:
I would do well, yet sin the hand that got:
My soul doth love thee, yet it loves delay.
I cannot skill of these my ways.


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