Friday, October 23, 2009

On This and That

Hot today but not the brutal heat predicted. One is grateful. Tomorrow, says the weather predicting thingummy on my mobile phone, will be even cooler. For a very long time one hopes.

You've probably noticed that most of the illustrations on The Inn are missing. The picture hosting site has been rather severely hacked. The pictures will, I hope, be back in the fullness of time. But maybe not. These things are sometimes irreversible so they tell me. I still have almost all of them on cds or portable hard drives so if you are in desperate need of a jpg that appeared on this effort, feel free to drop me a note and I will try to dig it up when I get a moment. (It won't be tomorrow: two funerals, a class, and an evening dance if my plantar fasciitis quiets down.) If the pics really are irretrievable, we will just start anew. I can promise that I will not go back over 7 years of The Inn to manually replace what's lost. I promised myself when I started this that it would not become another of my obsessions. Replacing all the illustrations over 7 years would leave obsession in the dust.

We are absolutely delighted with the Angels win last night. I turned it off about 7-ish to leave for class and they were behind 6-5. What a surprise to come home and find them winners 7-6. Saturday they have a decent chance to even it up; Saunders can do it. Sunday is more doubtful. Getting past Sabathia is no walk in the park. Fingers crossed.


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