Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Prophecy of St Malachy

I don't read French. This usually isn't a problem. A very long time ago when I first became addicted to mystery novels, Agatha Christie's use of French and failure to translate was annoying enough to cause me to buy a paperback Teach Yourself French course. Well, I didn't teach myself French and the book is long gone. It has since been replaced by a nameless Teach Yourself French computer course and a La Rousse French-English dictionary that some bookseller had on sale.

I still don't read French. And it's annoying again. Occasionally, mildly, because of posts at Tea at Trianon in which Mrs Vidal forces me to stand on a chair and pull the La Rousse off the top shelf so I can puzzle out a few sentences. And now she's published this post reviewing Fr René Thibaut, S.J.'s book La Mystérieuse prophétie des papes (Liège: Bibliothèque de la Faculté de philosophie et lettres,1951, Imprimatur: June 28, 1945, Et. Jos. Carton de Wiart) which sounds utterly fascinating and completely beyond my abilities, with or without La Rousse.

The post is a tantalizing read. I do hope she fulfills her promise of further analysis.


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