Saturday, February 10, 2007

So far, so good

Everything seems to be working so far; that last post published without a hitch. I notice that there is no obvious way to remove the useless toolbar at the top of the page. In the old version, there was a button that gave one a choice. On the plus side, however, once the "settings" on the template are "saved" there is no further step (often involving an interminable wait) needed to "publish" the new settings. A definite improvement.

And, yet. . . .I'm sure something won't work properly. Something vital. I wasn't born a pessimist. I was actually a fairly sunny child who believed, all evidence to the contrary notwithstanding, that I could grow up and earn my living as a cowboy just like Tom Mix, Hoot Gibson, and Colonel Tim McCoy*. But the 20th century has no truck with the cheerful optimist. And the 21st is so far following in its older brother's footsteps. So, one can only wait for the other shoe to drop and for The Inn to publish in mirror format. Or upside down. Or not at all.

*No, they weren't before my time; they were the staple of Saturday afternoon television in the benighted 1950s. And sometimes even of the Saturday matinee at the local movie theater.


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