Thursday, February 08, 2007

Found While Looking for Something Else

From Msgr Ronald Knox's Pastoral Sermons

“The wind breathes where it will, and thou canst hear the sound of it, but knowest nothing of the way it came or the way it goes”; the Holy Spirit is not like some egotistic genius, determined that his interference should be recognized and acknowledged wherever it is brought to bear. He is quite content that his inspirations should seem, to us, bright ideas of our own; that his shaping of our characters should be unaccompanied by any glow of feeling, such as might indicate the source whence it comes. The pattern he weaves in us is something contained in, not super-added to, the common fabric of our lives.

But because he will work thus imperceptibly, that is no reason why we should pretend that he is not here, behave as if we were the masters of our own destiny, and needed no impulse from without. We shall be happier about the decisions we make, and gain from that a sense of confidence which will help us to justify our decisions, if we make a practice of appealing to his unseen, unfelt influence at every cross-roads of our lives, even the most insignificant.


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