Wednesday, November 15, 2006

All Carmelite Souls

Today the Carmelite Order commemorates "all Carmelite souls" and prays for all deceased members of the Order. The office is essentially the same as that for All Souls Day except the collect prays in particular for omnium defunctorum ordinis nostri.

And yesterday was the feast of All Carmelite Saints. I should have mentioned something of that here but for one small hitch in the gitalong which consummed the afternoon and part of the evening. SWMBO, realizing that we are the last family on the planet without a DVD player*, found a sale on one the other day and bought it. It fell to me to install this marvel of the age. No orders were given, mind you. This is just one of those things which are understood, no words being necessary. It is part of the unwritten constitution of this household that the Y chromosome includes within its genetic constituents both an innate understanding of all household technology and the ability to install, uninstall, and where necessary, repair it. 25 or so years of experience to the contrary has altered this understanding not one jot or tittle.

So yesterday was spent installing, programming, and otherwise footering about with the new equipment. Setting up computers is far easier. The last computer came with a large piece of paper which folded into a little booklet. It told you everything you needed to know to set up the PC. Took no time at all. The DVD thingummy on the other hand comes with a 92 page book. It is translated (sic) from, I believe, the Japanese. (It instructs me to "extenuate the coaxial" at one point.) An ICEL version would have been an improvement.

But enough whingeing. It's a very nice piece of equipment. I tested one of the six (6) DVDs that we own on it and it works very well. Excellent picture and bright, clear colours.

*Re: "last family on the planet without a DVD player". I mean, of course, a real one. One attached to a television set. This PC came with one as did SWMBO's. But we can't gather 'round the PC together to watch "The Quiet Man" now can we. Of course not.


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