Thursday, May 18, 2006

What in the world will the National Guard do on the border?

We will have to wait and see what actually is proposed. But my guess is that the Guard will keep the Minutemen away
So says Jerry Pournelle here. I expect he's right. The appearances will support one side while actually hobbling it and in the process not incommoding the other side too terribly much. Rather ingenious. I wonder who thought of it?

Some other comments by Dr Pournelle:

We want democracy in Iraq, and in Iran, and in Mexico; but we do not want democracy in the United States of America. Our masters want a continued and plentiful supply of cheap labor, whose basic needs will be met through general taxation and public services.

It is always the case that if a capitalist can get the benefits of a policy, and put the costs off on someone else, the capitalist will attempt to use government to bring that policy about. As Adam Smith noted, when capitalists get together they conspire to use government against the public interest.

Quite right. But like almost all of the commentary on the immigration question it ignores the elephant(s) in the parlor: contraception, abortion, and homosexuality. The cultural heart of this country, and not co-incidentally the political base of the Republican Party, is the middle class of European extraction, i.e., white America. And that group of people has decided not to reproduce itself. The Hispanic immigration is changing forever the culture of the country. It's also correcting the population imbalance created by dominant cultural group.

But read the rest of Dr Pournelle's comments.


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