Tuesday, May 09, 2006

More Morning Reading

And as long as you're searching for periodicals that aren't on line, you might also see if you can find the May 4th number of The Wanderer. There are all sorts of good things in that one. In addition to stories about the decine of Rochester NY's cathedral parish after its "wreckovation", Thomas Roeser's take on George Ryan's corruption conviction in Illinois (100 some years ago my family had much to do with Chicago politics; a subject that still never fails to fascinate in this house), another of Brian Mershon's articles in the future of the traditional Roman Rite, there is also a long piece on the further troubles of Mr Monaghan's educational ventures. Now there are kerfuffles in the Law School: rumblings of mutiny amongst the faculty, the student body, and the alumni. Although the hand-picked Board of Directors is clearly, uh, on board.

Now then. Even though The Wanderer article isn't on line and even if you can't scrounge up that particular issue of TW, there are not one but three blogs cited in the article which are following the Ave Maria School of Law issue so opportunities for spending more time on this issue than your state in life can justify are still present. Have a look at these:

Fumare: Law, Culture, and Catholicism Up In Smoke
Whose AMSOL?
Is The Law School Part Of The College: Which Ave?


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