Monday, April 24, 2006

A New Old Church for the Old Mass

Recently someone referred me here to the Priestly Fraternity of St Peter's new website for their mission in the U.K. In giving it a look I found that one of the Fraternity's Sunday Masses is being celebrated at 3:00 in the afternoon in the beautiful 14th century Anglican church of St Mary in the Diocese of St Albans (and with the permission of the Catholic Diocese of Northampton). That's a picture of it at the top of this post. How wonderful to learn that the old Latin Mass is once again being chanted in this lovely old church for which it was built. Well, perhaps built for one of the old English rites but the builders would recognize the same Mass. Many thanks to the local vicar for his hospitality - thanks from ten thousand miles away, I suppose, but thanks in any event as I'm delighted to know of it.


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