Thursday, February 23, 2006

The Ports

You know, the U.S. ports, United Arab Emirates thingummy. That story. It's in all the papers. The Times has something on it here for the happily unaware. I don't have all that much to say; all the really good snarky comments have been used on talk radio already. But just to make it official: no, it is not a good idea to involve UAE/Dubai in the running of American ports; yes, Mr Bush is a very strange individual, indeed; no, it is not relevant that the previous company involved was British: the UK and the UAE are not the same. (I suggest a google search on the word "jihad" for those unsure of the difference.)

There is one small point before I push the "Publish Post" button. Here in the lower, left-hand corner of the United States, about ten miles more or less from this keyboard, lies the Port of Long Beach. For several years now a sizeable chunk of the said Port of Long Beach has been in the hands of a branch (or is "subsidiary" the right word?) of the Red Chinese military. Yes, COSCO has its own terminals in Long Beach. There was a local a kerfuffle at the time of the handover; I don't recall much national interest. Well, these folks, of course, and those of a similar persuasion. But the unco guid were not much concerned as I recall. In any event, the locals were in charge and the locals were delighted with the Red Chinese money. So the Red Chinese have been unloading their sealed containers at their terminals in the Port of Long Beach ever since. If this camera is pointed in the right direction you might catch a glimpse of them stacked up next to the ships. Do they contain WMDs? Only the paranoid and those careless of their reputation would say that. No, I'm sure they just contain computer parts, blue jeans, and table lamps. You know, the sort of things you used to make back when you had a job.

What to do about it? Damfino. Just thought I'd ratchet up the old anxiety level on this lovely February morning.


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