Friday, October 21, 2005

Trafalgar Day -- 21 October 1805

200 years ago today Lord Nelson and the British fleet put paid to naval portion of the French megalomaniac's dreams of world conquest. Alas, more than a few crack-pot theories which grew out of the French revolution have spread themselves world wide in spite of the French defeat. We live with the results. But God bless Nelson for slowing them down for a while.

The official Trafalgar bi-centennial anniversary site can be found here.

The Battle itself. Lots of information and a page of good pictures.

More pictures. This was last year's ceremony - the 199th anniversary. Here are some from today's.

The Queen's participation in the day's ceremonies. Note especially some fascinating links at right of this page on the BBC's website including some video clips of the wreath-laying ceremony, Spain's take on the day (Trafalgar is off the Spanish coast and there were Spanish vessels in the fight), and a summary of the day's events.

But alas it isn't Nelson's England any more. This page provides a travelogue of examples: No cooing at babies allowed; it insults their intelligence. No flying of the cross of St George in London; it resembles a crusader's cross and Mohammedans might be insulted. Which is also why you'll have trouble finding a piggy bank. Maybe there won't always be an England.


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