Saturday, May 15, 2004

Phoenix Diocese giveth, Orange Diocese taketh away.

The Arizona Republic reports that the first traditional Roman Rite Mass in many years will be celebrated at St. Thomas the Apostole Church in Phoenix on Sunday June 6th at 1 p.m. Yet another reason for Catholics in the Phoenix Diocese to be grateful for Bishop Olmsted.

Meanwhile in the Diocese of Orange, the ecclesiastical powers-that-be continue to interpret the Holy Father's call for a "wide and generous" implementation of Ecclesia Dei to mean that one of the only two indult locations in the diocese should be eliminated and the parishioners advised to attend the only other location, which location does not have sufficient room to hold all those who currently would like to attend.

And speaking of the Serra Chapel, has anyone else heard rumors that it is up for "renewal"? I've heard it from two sources now, although nothing official. But it's a remarkably detailed rumor. The Serra Chapel is currently the jewel in the diocesan crown as you can see here:

If the rumors about the chapel and the "artistic" type who will be allowed to get his hands on it are true, you might want to save that picture because you'll never see that 300 year old reredos again.


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