Monday, April 26, 2004

Well, whaddya know. . . .

It turns out that the Los Angeles Times does think a major Washington rally concerning abortion has a place on the front page of its paper. It even indulges us with a large color photo. In the past the Times seemed to believe that this sort of thing was of only minor significance. Parochial, really.

But this morning's paper had this on the front page above the fold with the aforesaid picture. (The long shot of the mall appeared in the print edition; not the one with the choleric female celebrities.) I'm sure none of us believes that the ever ethical Times was swayed by the fact that this March on Washington was pro-abortion unlike the other 30 or so that they covered - when they covered them - on page 47 next to the brassierre ads. Perish the thought.

No doubt this means that the Pro-life March on Washington held every January and bringing hundreds of thousands out in the snow will now get equal prominence in the Times. With equally favorable commentary. Even so, perhaps the Times will forgive us if we don't hold our breath while we wait.

One more point of interest: the headline on the article reads: "Abortion Rights Marchers Decry Global Setbacks". I didn't know these folks were having any setbacks at all, never mind global ones. Good on whoever is handing them the setbacks. Exultemus et laetemur as the seasonal refrain goes.


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