Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Our Lady of the Atonement, one of the Texas parishes in the Anglican Use of the Catholic Church has recently released a DVD of the Anglican Use Mass. My copy arrived today. The Anglican Use people are very fortunate indeed. This is the way the liturgy ought to be celebrated. It does have a few infelicities of language, thanks to the ICEL which provided a (very) few portions of the liturgy. (The Anglican Use is technically, so I'm told, a usage of the Novus Ordo of the Roman Rite.) But the overwhelming effect is wonderful. And the technical quality of the recording is excellent also.

You can order your copy here. A nicely produced pamphlet containing the full text of this Mass is included in the DVD. But you can can obtain a copy of The Book of Divine Worship containing the text of all the Anglican Use liturgies, including the daily offices, at the same website.

(The photograph at the top is of Our Lady of the Atonement but is not from the DVD. This shows it decorated for Christmas but the church and the clergy are the same.)


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