Sunday, November 09, 2003


. . . .is a blog which has apparently been around for a good long time but which I only discovered this very day. [Thanks to Mark for the reference.] Jim Kalb discusses Catholicism and tradition and the social order in our time. Loads of well-reasoned and insightful posts. Tolle, lege.

A sample:

Whither the dead Right?

My own dogmatic pronouncement: the fundamental goal today for those in the West who reject what liberalism has become has to be the restoration of Christendom — a public order that recognizes Christianity as authoritative. Without a goal to give an overall orientation, particular efforts to resist liberalism will lack definition and continuity and get nowhere. That has, in fact, been the fate of conservatism. It’s been reactive, incoherent, endlessly compromised, and easily bought off with gestures and symbols. The claims that conservatism has “won” in fact show that it has utterly collapsed. The situation won’t change until those drawn to conservatism can find their own voice, based on something no less principled, comprehensive and definite than liberalism. What could that thing be, at least for someone in the West, other than Christianity?

So much good sense in one paragraph. It stirs the blood.


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