Sunday, November 23, 2003

Laetatus sum in eo quod dixerunt mihi:
"In domum Domini ibimus".
Stantes iam sunt pedes nostri
in portis tuis, Ierusalem.

Back to St. Mary's by the Sea today after two weeks absence. The consolation received at Mass in the traditional Roman Rite at St. Mary's is indescribable; it warms the heart and puts joy in the soul. Then was our mouth filled with laughter and our tongue with joy.

Father found some old postcards in the office and they were giving them away after Mass. I had been thinking about taking some photographs of St. Mary's to post on line so this was a pleasant surprise. When I get my new scanner*, I shall scan some of them and post them somewhere. St. Mary's will never be mistaken for Chartres but it is a lovely old church, very homey and comfortable to the spirit. And still suitable to the majesty of God.

[*The printer has recently died the death. Since I shall have to shell out some USD$ for a new one anyway, I'm finally going to get a scanner. Those multi-purpose machines are now available at fairly reasonable prices.]


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