Friday, November 07, 2003

Blithering Idiot

No, not me. Nor anybody else in particular. (Right now. Maybe later.) But that's the title of William Sulik's blog. The point of all this being, that he has reprinted this morning a large chunk of Dorothy L. Sayers' essay The Greatest Drama Ever Told as commentary on the latest vagary in his own Episcopal church. Since our own beloved bench of bishops has been known to come up with a few projects which we, in all humility, believe not to be entirely consonant with the sana doctrina, not to mention the rule of right reason, we thought you might appeciate Miss Sayers' insight into The Basics. It's here.

(Suddenly noticed in checking for typos: "which we, in all humility, believe. . . ." When did I start using the editorial "we"? Or is it the royal "we"? That's an unusual stylistic move, even for me. I shall have to review the archive and try to find out how long this has been going on.)


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