Wednesday, February 05, 2003

Our 2 Bits

The design decision about the new California quarter is being made as we speak. The possible designs - some 20 of them - are on line here. One of the "bear" entries has the lead. I voted for #19 which is the only one representing the California missions. And since I voted for it, it goes without saying that it is second-to-last in popularity. There are angels in charge of that. There was a petition at one time asking for a representation of the Bl. Fray Junipero Serra. That appears to have gone no where. The best we can hope for is a stylized mission building. And I have jinxed it by being in favour of it.

If you want to vote for the mission quarter you can do so at the link shown above. (If you don't want to vote for the mission, that link is no good and the previous sentence is a typo. Yup. No use even trying.)


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