Thursday, February 06, 2003

From the Mail

I got my daily communication from a prominent member of the Nigerian government just now. I count the day lost I don't get one; I so look forward to this hobnobbing with international politicos. They're not at all like their reputation; they are so trusting. Not at all devious. And so friendly. They never seem to be offended that I don't let them borrow my bank account. They just come right back the next day with another plan to enable me to become a millionaire.

But I have my doubts about this one. This one is named "Frank James". I swear on a stack of bishops, that's how he signs himself. He doesn't mention having a brother named Jesse. But just to be on the safe side, I probably won't answer this one either.

Anyway, there's always tomorrow. Maybe General Ngomo or Mrs. Abache will come up with a really exciting international co-operation opportunity which will not only bring a just settlement to tangled financial affairs but make me rich as Croesus.


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