Saturday, February 22, 2003

Another Beautiful Day

If you don't count the earthquake. And I don't since I slept through it. We lost some glassware in the last Big Bear earthquake; this one I wouldn't have known about had my wife not turned on KNX when we got up. The smallest EQ causes KNX to drop their ads and interview anyone they can get to call in. Endless excited people telling us that the earthquake shook them. Yup. Sounds like your classic earthquake all right.

The band did a parade in Carson celebrating the city's 60 anniversary. A very nice day to stroll down the street in shirtsleeves and a kilt playing pipes. My pal Ziggy and I were in it twice. Hah! I'll tell you about that later. Right now I am off to confession and Vespers.

[Pro lavacro baptismi et paenitentiae, Apostolis concredito,
- quo ab omnibus peccatis abluimur:
Te laudat Apostolorum chorus, Domine.]


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