Friday, December 07, 2018

Changing of the Guard

Donal Dubh, my pal from next door, hasn't been in his usual chair for, oh, six months or so.   I see him wandering around the neighbourhood so he hasn't had a run-in with a car or one of California's protected coyotes.  But he no longer haunts the comfy chair.

The front porch, however, has not been left unguarded.

His marmalade cousin has taken up the task and spends most mornings and some afternoons and occasionally evenings taking his or her leisure on what is now officially the cat chair.

As almost always, clicking on the picture will expand it to gigantic proportions.  At least viewing it with Vivaldi or Opera it will.  Then you will be able to see for yourself that Donal is a real cat and not an inkblot on the cushion.